Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Spare a thought…

It is almost upon once again… that time of year many chefs love to hate. What is it - I hear you ask… well “Valentines Night” of course.

Firstly the tables are filled with couples all looking either lovingly -or more commonly not talking to each other. To add to this we are blighted with it being on a Saturday this year so even more challenging to establishments to make the normal Saturday night revenue they can.

I have also been guilty of it as much as others and that is the “corny menu compilations” and themes places seem to think will sell the package… something with a pink tinge to it always seems to rear its ugly head!!!

You might think I have lost my romantic streak… no I am just another year older and wiser.

I have fond memories of a few years ago a busy “Valentines Night” in a restaurant where for my sins I was paid to cook the food.

We had a couple who once they turned the menus the right way up obviously realised they were dining out in a place not of their liking or style. When they sent the cremated steak back (their request) saying it was tough and tasteless I committed the ultimate faux pas by telling the server to return to the table with the famous quote of Chinese foodie “Confucius” who said…

“Man who eats meat and peas on same plate is very unhygienic”…

I know I shouldn’t have but it did make me feel better in that stressful moment and well it was justified… honest.